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Tree Spraying

Bob & Duff offers tree spraying for aphids, scale, worms or anthracnose on Oak, Elm, Fir, Pine, Sycamore, Ash and other shade trees. We offer "fruit elimination" for Olive trees, Plum trees and Liquid Amber trees. Before treatment we expect you will close all your windows. Cover any fish ponds with plastic. Remove pets from the yard or area around affected tree(s). You should remove bird feeders. Do not park cars underneath affected tree(s). Children and pets should be indoors during and after treatment until the spray is dry. All toys should be removed from near the affected tree(s). All pet food, water and bowls should be brought indoors. Leave your gates unlocked to prepare for our tree spraying service technicians arrival.

Tree Injections

Bob & Duff offer tree injections for customers that want their trees treated with less environmental impact. We use tree injections during particular times of year on the the following types of trees: Oak, Sycamore, Ash, Tulip, Fir, Pine, Birch, Elm and non-bearing Plum or Cherry. These tree injections mitigate Scale, aphids, elm leaf beetles, and anthracnose. Tree injections are applied either under the bark in March (early Spring) or in the ground in November (late Autumn).

Call us today if your tree(s) are leafless, the leaves are turning colors off-season, there is extensive sap or stickiness or things just don't seem right with your trees. tree disease inspections