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Pest Control and Extermination

Bob & Duff offer pest control aka pest extermination services for just about any household, pantry or landscape pest. We don't use the word "exterminator" or "exterminations"; because it's not possible to permanently exterminate any pest, we just control them. We offer guarantees and other recommendations to reduce recurrences. We will send a technician out to evaluate the pest problem and make recommendations for treatments and services. We will provide a free estimate for pest control services. Bob & Duff's Pest Control also offers regular service contracts for commercial/industrial pest control. Bob & Duff provide pest control services for the following insects, rodents and spiders including:

We use perimeter spraying, crack and crevice spraying and baiting as appropriate for each type of pest. For indoor pest control services and treatments our clients are equired to be out of the home or office for at least four (4) hours or overnight for children and the elderly with respiratory problems. For outdoor pest control treatments, we recommend staying indoors until the treatments have dried. We do not "exterminate" pests, permanently (it's not possible); we "control" them.

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